Malta: Postcard from a poker paradise

Posted by rnn.yqe. on September 02, 2016

Nestled in the Mediterranean, an hour from Italy and north of Africa, Malta is an island paradise and a quality holiday location. But it’s not only the location, climate, and people that make Malta stand out amongst her EU peers. It’s also a desirable location to base an online poker company. The tiny nation is a global gambling hub, thanks to its progressive and diligent licensing process; over five hundred gambling sites are based on the archipelago.


The Malta Gaming Authority is a trailblazer in online gambling regulation. Malta is the first EU nation to license and regulate online gaming, and is seen as the gold standard, not least because of its very favourable taxation rates for gambling operations. So, despite its size, Malta is one of the largest gambling jurisdictions worldwide. MGA is so esteemed that other nations’ authorities automatically whitelist Maltese-licensed companies, a seal of quality that reassures online gamblers that they’re not using some fly-by-night site.

Thanks to Malta’s reputation and experience in the field, it is also the go-to place when seeking experts to consult on new licensing queries. The time-and-money-consuming business of getting legally ready for an online gaming room launch can be made simpler and speedier by enlisting the right experts.

Another standout thing about online poker in Malta is its lack of restriction for gamblers; while other nations encourage citizens to spend money in their own casinos, Malta has a big picture view – that they’ll make far more from licensing global operations than staying local. So it’s small wonder that Malta is, and will continue to be, the mecca for online poker. Even less surprising is the number of online poker pros that have decided to base themselves there. Great climate, great people, and the freedom to play shouts all-in!