See the World as a Poker Pro

Posted by rnn.yqe. on March 02, 2018

Some people seem to have life sussed. Not only do poker pros earn their living playing a skill game that they enjoy, but they get to travel the world to do so. The poker tournament calendar is crammed with events taking place all over the globe, and the smartest players can spend their time on a permanent vacation. Destinations include the USA, South Korea, Russia, the Philippines, Macau and the Bahamas. For those whose game is good enough to practically guarantee a tidy profit at most tournaments, the flights pay for themselves.

Closer to Home

There is no need to go quite so far afield, however, as the European timetable holds more than enough events to keep any poker pro busy all year round. Many competitions take place in the UK, but if you’re after some sunshine, there are plenty of warmer countries to choose from. Spain and Portugal both host events, and the two Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Malta are also on the circuit. Malta in particular is an interesting place for any poker enthusiast to visit, as it is home to some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry. This includes Unibet, who hold one leg of their DeepStack Open at Malta’s Olympic Casino.

Striking a Balance

For some pros, life on the road can get tiring, and, although they are in exotic locations, they tend to see very little apart from their hotel room and the game venue. Games go on late into the night, and most players will be resting rather than engaging in any tourist activities. Those who have been in the game longer try to build in some time for relaxation and sightseeing, so that they can arrive at their next poker table relaxed and refreshed, and ready to make those important decisions.