Top Poker Players and Games

Posted by rnn.yqe. on July 06, 2017

There is a certain prestige that comes along with being a top poker player. With the popularization of poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker and the World series of Poker Europe, which are now live streamed, poker has become a spectator sport, and like any other sport there are star players. There are many other huge tournaments where players can test their metal; the Latin America Poker tour, and Aussie Millions being the two largest after the WSOP.

The tournaments create a buzz and have captured the imagination of a main stream audience. Some amazing players have come up the ranks to sit in the spotlight. The following are just a few of the players that are deemed to have made more of a lasting mark on the sport as a whole.

Daniel Negreanu was named the Global Poker Index player for the last decade due to his consistently high performance under pressure in live arenas. With six separate cash outs for at least a million dollars each time, he is a highly consistent winner. He also has the distinction of being the only player to win WSOP bracelets in Europe, Australia and Las Vegas.

Antonio Esfandiari is also another top player. For over a decade now, Esfandiari has been an international name. From Iran, he now resides in the US and consistently wins over a million every single year. He also managed to win the biggest ever poker prize of over 18 million back in 2012, beating out many other top contenders.

Phil Ivey has been in the game for a long time. Starting his career in New Jersey under an alias because he was underage, he went from strength to strength. His talent is clear and has won a massive nine WSOP bracelets. Other notable players include Eric Seidel, Sam Trickett and Phil Hellmuth Jr, and there is more information available on these players if you’d like to learn more from the best.

All these players possess calm demeanours and incredible levels of concentration for the game. Watching the way that they play can be a great way to get tips to improve your play.